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What We Do 

Personalizing cancer drug treatment through engineering

patient-specific tumor models

In the Translational Tumor Engineering (TTE) lab, we focus on reconstructing and maintaining patient tumors in vitro with fidelity by using biomaterials engineering to recreate the tumor microenvironment.


Bottom-up: By incorporating appropriate biochemical and mechanical cues using biomaterials engineering, together with key tumor stromal cells, we RECONSTRUCT patient tumors as REVERSE ENGINEERED TUMORS (RETs).

Top-down: By engineering ex vivo conditions to PROLONG the viability of slices of tumors as is, we maintain patient tumors for drug testing and mechanistic studies. 


What We Believe 

We believe it is possible to predict drug efficacy in patients and enable personalized cancer treatment using engineered technologies to preserve patient tumors outside the body. 

We believe this can be achieved through close and dynamic collaborations between bioengineers and clinical partners.

As a group, we believe in team member diversity and strongly advocate for a supportive and inclusive research environment.



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